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Spring Mill

Proposed Re-Development of Spring Mill, Earby

About This Project

2, 3 & 4 bed New Houses


Why this site?
The Call Centre closed in 2020 and there is little chance of an alternative viable commercial use for the site being found.  As the site is redundant and previously developed, it is classed as brownfield and there is a preference to reuse these sites. It will ease the burden on greenfield (undeveloped) land.

Drainage has always been a problem in Earby, how will you deal with this?
We have undertaken a full CCTV investigation of the existing drainage system both on and off site. Added to this, we have engaged with local Councillors and Pendle Borough Engineers to build a good understanding of the issues affecting the site and the surrounding properties. We are aware of for example the issues in Wentcliffe Drive and surcharging events.

As a result, we are proposing to address a number of these problems by:

  • Undertaking repair and re-instalment works to the culvert at the southern end of Pendle Council’s land.
  • Installing a cut off drain along the western boundary of the site effectively separating the Mill from its neighbours, this will direct the water to the Northern Boundary.
  • Introducing more permeable areas on the site, meaning some water will soakaway into the ground naturally.
  • Using the estate road to attenuate (direct) surface water into a large storage tank. This will mean water is held on site before a controlled release into the Yorkshire Water network. 
  • Separating surface water from the foul water to reduce the amount of water being discharged.

Overall the development aims to achieve up to a 50% improvement on the drainage capacity of the site. We cannot solve all of the issues that affect Earby, but this development represents a significant opportunity to resolve many of the historic problems. As Pendle Council is part of Pearl Together, we will do what we can to expedite matters with Yorkshire Water who are responsible for the local drainage infrastructure.
We will continue to lobby them to undertake wider projects.

How will the increase in traffic on the surrounding roads be dealt with?
When in use as a Call Centre there were around 200 people employed on the site. With 54 houses and based on 2 or 3 cars per dwelling, we expect there to be overall reduction in vehicle movements to and from the site.

What about the impact on local infrastructure (e.g. school places)? How will this be taken into account?
This is considered as part of the planning application process. Lancashire County Council seek contributions from developers for school places if it is financially viable, but ultimately the County Council are responsible for ensuring sufficient school places. NHS England are responsible for commissioning services such as GPs and dentists, taking into account population changes.

What are the implications for existing properties?
The scheme will offer significant improvements on drainage which reflects detailed studies around ground conditions, potential flooding, ecology, services and transport. What is being taken forward into planning will minimise any impact to neighbouring properties by design. The new properties will be built a minimum of 21m from existing housing to maintain privacy.

How will the houses be constructed and heated?
The design of the properties will fit in with existing housing in the area. We will be using timber frames to ensure the fabric and insulation of the properties are energy efficient. We will also be using air source heat pumps to provide heat and hot water. For residents, the look and feel of this system will be no different to a conventional gas heating system.

This means there will be no fossil fuels required and for residents their energy bills will efficient. We will also be providing electric vehicle charging points for each dwelling.

How will local wildlife be protected?
A full ecology survey report has been commissioned to investigate and make recommendations on how to protect and/or enhance habitat. New trees will be planted which will improve wildlife habitats. The existing green space on Bailey Street is outside the development and will be retained.

When will planning be submitted?
Later this year and we anticipate a start on site in Spring 2022 next year.

How will the construction process be managed?
Barnfield Construction will be undertaking the build over an 18 month period. A full and detailed Construction Method Statement will be provided by Barnfield as part of the planning application process and this will ensure full care is given to the school opposite and adjoining houses when operating the site.

How do I get one of the new houses?
When available the houses will be marketed through Barnfield Homes and Local Agents.


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